A Story for the Future is a not-for-profit, registered charity striving to bring Good Quality books to the children of the world.

The charity was established in 2008 by Clare Kelaher and Maura Hanney.


Clare Kelaher is a Primary Education Teacher with teaching experience in countries including Australia, Korea and Cambodia. Clare is passionate about travel and understanding the cultures and needs of the communities she encounters. Her commitment to the needs of children and global education has brought about the conception of this charity.

MauraMaura Hanney is a registered physiotherapist and amateur writer. She has worked for many years with children with disabilities and their families. Her passion is to provide for the needs of children with disabilities and writing has allowed her to see the life-changing power of literature for children, through  words and pictures.

Clare recently visited a Cambodian orphanage where it became clear that one practical way to help the children who live there is to provide a range of  Good Quality children’s books. The books owned by the orphanage tended to be old and outdated; depicted few good role models;  and often did not inlude stories the these amazing children can relate to. Following discussion between Clare and Maura on Clare’s return from overseas they decided to help by starting to purchase books for the orphanage. The idea seems so simple; many Australian families would be able to purchase a book and begin to write..A Story For The Future…which would be a different story for the young children involved. Clare and Maura thus began a charity which collects and sends book packages to orphanages and schools around the globe hence A Story for The Future was born!

The number one aim for A Story for the Future is to deliver Good Quality children’s books. This simply means books which are NEW and potray strong characters, positive messages and beautiful illustrations.


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